Karl Turner



Karl qualified in 1997 as an osteopath, prior to which he worked as an auxiliary nurse. He studied osteopathic medicine, which means he is trained to use osteopathy to treat chest, ear and throat infections and difficulties with breathing and digestion as well as aches, pains and injuries.

Karl became an osteopath after a life-changing experience that was transformed by an osteopath. At the age of 15, he was hit by a lorry as he stood waiting for the school bus and, as a result of the multiple fractures, was confined to a wheelchair and crutches. Searching for remedies, Karl was recommended to see an osteopath even though he had no idea what one was.

The osteopath offered three options for treatment: 1: the gentle and painless, but very slow and therefore costly way; 2: the drastic and rapid result, but potentially painful way, which is therefore the least costly way; 3: a personalised compromise between 1 and 2. As a previously very active youngster, he chose the rapid result way; after a thorough treatment and a few yelps, Karl was helped on to his feet and the osteopath suggested he took a few steps unaided. Karl was mesmerised and immediately decided osteopathy was the job for him.

Karl is in no way a specialist in helping a particular group, age, sporting type, injury type or ailment. He treats everybody. He has over 25 years of practising the full range of osteopathic styles – from the gentle cranial style that is very helpful for babies, children, pregnancy ailments, autism, and the elderly – to strong, powerful, structural osteopathy that is beneficial for people who’ve been in traumatic accidents or suffered sporting injuries.

Karl treats professional rugby players from Gloucester Rugby and Worcester Warriors. He also has an interest in treatments which relieve the strains of pregnancy and labour, as well as complications of delivery using a mix of cranial and structural osteopathy. So he can be effective yet still very gentle to new babies, premature babies, the elderly and frail as well as rapidly effective to builders, plumbers, carpenters, professional rugby players and marathon runners who all hope for a quick relief so they can return to work as soon as possible.

Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

European School of Osteopathy

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