Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science and naturopathic principles to promote individual health, care and peak performance.

No two action plans are identical, many factors are taken into consideration when planning intervention, for example your personal tastes (food needs to taste as good as possible to make effective and sustainable change), budget, home setup, individual health/lifestyle goals and underlying nutritional/biochemical imbalances (such as low Vitamin D/B12/Magnesium status; or disrupted gut microflora, for example, after foreign travel or following a course of antibiotic medication).

To identify these imbalances is where our help comes in; we may decide to use functional evidence-based testing, such as IgG (fingerprick blood sample) Food Intolerance testing, Gut Microbiome stool test, blood based Nutrient Status testing, or Hair Mineral Analysis.

Together we decide on a plan of action, to highlight areas positively contributing to your wellness and those where we can make some suitable, sustainable changes to correct underlying imbalances for the longer term.


Our Nutritional Therapist


Nutritional Therapist mBANT & rCNHC

Intolerance Testing and Consultation
60 Minutes: SPECIAL OFFER: £150, usually £200

New Patient Consultation
90 Minutes: £70

Follow up Consultation
60 Minutes: £35

Hair Mineral Testing and Consultation

60 Minutes: £70

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