Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science and naturopathic principles to promote individual health, care and peak performance.

No two action plans are identical with many factors being taken into consideration when planning intervention, such as your personal tastes, budget, home setup, individual health and lifestyle goals, and underlying nutritional or biochemical imbalances. 

We use excellent personal knowledge, as well as functional evidence-based testing, such as a finger prick blood sample, stool test, or hair sample to together decide on a plan of action, positively contributing to your wellness and where we can make suitable, sustainable changes to correct underlying imbalances for the longer term.


Mini Nutritional Consultation

Are you curious to find out more about what Nutritional Therapy involves and whether it may be able to help support you to optimal wellbeing?

Book a FREE 15 minute consultation to meet our Nutritional Therapist Lisa, and discover what options are available for you, depending on needs and budget.

Initial Consultation

Lisa will take a detailed look over your medical history from a questionnaire completed by you. This will help her to discover potential underlying deficiencies which can contribute to disease. Together you can then make a plan on how to correct these through adapting your diet, and supplementation where necessary.

Follow Up Review

An opportunity to discuss any ongoing concerns, questions, or general feedback following your initial consultation.

Food Intolerance Test & Consultation

Tired of guessing which foods may be upsetting your digestive health? Help take the guesswork out with a reliable finger prick blood sample based IgG Food Intolerance test report. The test can be done in the comfort of your own home, then posted to the lab via the enclosed free-post envelope.

Once Lisa receives your results, she will contact you to book in your consultation. During this she can ensure you feel confident in adapting your diet to fit with your individual report and make suggestions of tasty alternatives to foods which may be driving intolerance symptoms for you.

Supplement Review

Taking supplements can be a bit of a minefield. Many of us may feel we aren’t taking enough, or perhaps we are taking too many. Sometimes it may be that you’ve been taking them for some time but not feeling the benefits. In other instances you may worry if they interfere with any medication you currently take.

Lisa can review the Natural Medicines Database to check you are on an effective, safe and suitable supplement programme suited to your individual needs.

Gut Microbiome Testing

This test provides an in depth insight into your gut health and microbiome. We use GlEcologiX reports and expert analysis to delve deep into gut health markers and microbiome diversity. This can provide evidence based information to enable intervention that is effective, specific, and suitable for your individual needs.

Vitamin D Testing & Consultation

Similar to the Food Intolerance test, a finger prick blood sample is taken in the comfort of your own home then posted to the lab. When Lisa receives your results she will contact you to book in your consultation. Here she will advise on the implications for whether you need supplementation and an appropriate dosage for you.

Hair Mineral Testing

This test is a non-invasive way to gain insight into mineral status and in particular, if heavy mineral toxicity is present. A sample of two inches of natural, non-colour treated hair is required, taken from the nape of the neck. A mini paper scale is provided to ensure the accuracy of the sample taken. Individual results help guide intervention for correcting imbalances and creating a dietary/nutraceutical programme.

Our Nutritional Therapist


Nutritional Therapist mBANT & rCNHC

Mini Nutritional Consultation

15 Minutes: Free

Initial Consultation
90 Minutes: £70

Follow up Consultation
60 Minutes: £35

Intolerance Testing & Consultation
60 Minutes: SPECIAL OFFER £130 (usually £200)

Supplement Review

30 Minutes: £25

Gut Microbiome Testing & Consultation

60 Minutes: £350

Vitamin D Testing & Consultation

30 Minutes: £55

Hair Mineral Testing & Consultation

60 Minutes: £70

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