What We Treat

Based in Cheltenham, we have specialist therapists who have experience treating the symptoms of the following ailments:

Both chiropractors and osteopaths fully understand the engineering detail and workings of every joint in the body. Your practitioner will carry out a thorough examination to establish the source of your pain. Pain can be directly from the joint itself or referred from your spine or a muscle spasm elsewhere. This is because the irritation of the nerve in one area can sometimes lead to pain, known as ‘referred’ pain, in other parts of the body.



The joints of the hands, ankles and feet are also susceptible to problems and in all cases your chiropractor or osteopath will examine you fully to diagnose the problem before treating you in the most appropriate way.

Specific exercises may also be advised for you to help regain the flexibilty and strength needed for the problem to be fully resolved. This is to ensure symptom relief for now and long-term improvement for the future. Such exercises are given even for arthritis. In the past, people with osteo-arthritis were advised to rest; however, it is now universally known that regular movements help to reduce the pain. This helps by relieving pressure in the joints, improving joint flexibility and strengthening the supportive surrounding muscles.

If you have any questions please either email the clinic on oakwellhealth@yahoo.co.uk or call 01242 221456

Both pregnant women and babies can benefit from our therapies.