“I had two sessions with Karl early in my pregnancy, which resolved various skeletal pain issues I had been having for a long time. I visited him for another two sessions in the last trimester, to help turn my baby which was in the breech position. Karl helped to rebalance my pelvis and other joints and at 37 week scan my baby was confirmed to be in the head down position, ready for a natural birth. I am hugely grateful for Karl’s expertise and help and would highly recommend his services to anyone.”
“Saw Karl for an MoT – ended up helping my injured big toe repair after spending three months having hospital and X-ray appointments. Six needles and a few ‘yanks’ later it feels repaired.”
“Lower back pains – I have been seeing Karl once or twice a year and the guy is a genius. I never know whether to laugh or cry, but I always leave the MoT feeling a whole lot better and more flexible.”
“After having an awful time with my first, I had osteopathy, reflexology and accupuncture: the result was a three-hour labour, 12 minute delivery, no drugs and stitches, and the fabulous awake birth I wanted.”

“I’ve been in pain since October 2013. Diagnosed with osteoarthritis. All that changed since meeting Karl. I feel straight and pain free again… what price your health.”
“Arrived for first visit with numbness in legs and could only walk with a walking frame. After second treatment with David, I was able to walk with a walking stick. After the fourth treatment I am walking unaided. The man’s a genius and I would recommend him to anyone.”
“Just wanted to drop in a quick note and thank you for yesterday’s session. The change in how I feel – physically and, most importantly, emotionally – is staggering and I believe I have hit a real turning point. I look forward to getting back from Aus and continuing the healing process.”

“It’s like magic! Two weeks of agony, anxiety, headaches and neck aches and it’s gone after a few ‘cracks’ by the wonderful Karl. I left feeling a million times better. I’ll definitely be back for more!
ps My GP didn’t have a clue what was wrong with me!”
“In September 2014, I had my first appointment with Karl. I was in great pain, I had little movement in my arms. Within six months my mobility was restored and I was virtually free of pain. I still attend the clinic every four months but feel back to normal. All this has been down to the expertise of Karl. I thoroughly recommend anyone with physical problems to seek his help. He’ll sort it out.”