Chiropractic is a primary contact healthcare discipline that places its emphasis on the examination, diagnosis and management of problems and/or conditions that can affect the spine, nervous system, muscles or extremity joints of the body.

Chiropractic aims to help you achieve optimal health through a natural and safe approach and allows practitioners to optimize the health and decrease the pain of patients.

A Chiropractor will normally suggest a course of treatment where appropriate rather than a one off treatment to help to promote health. Chiropractors treat in a variety of ways including spinal manipulation but this is not the limit of Chiropractors care. Most care programmes will include soft tissue work, stretches and rehabilitative exercises.

OakwellHealth’s Chiropractor David Hover is exceptionally passionate about helping you recover and feel your best as quickly as possible. Please read our reviews on Oakwell Health Facebook page to see just how some of David’s patients describe his unique approach and the amazing results a succession of his treatments can achieve.

New Patient – 60 min – £60
Following treatments (30 mins) – £40