What can general acupuncture help
The range of conditions treated by acupuncture is vast. Whether it be a physical musculoskeletal problem such as back pain, neck and shoulder tension, or an emotional state such as anxiety or a broken-heart. Acupuncture treatment helps people with hayfever, menstrual problems, headaches, sciatica, sleeplessness, depression – the list goes on. It can also be used as a general tonic to keep the body and mind well-tuned for optimal use. Some respond miraculously to acupuncture, for others changes are gradual. What is certain is that it is safe treatment for all. If you’re unsure whether you’re symptoms can be helped with acupuncture, you just have to ask.

Below is a short list of common conditions that I treat, although acupuncture is effective for almost any condition.

Fertility, period and sickness nausea, pain anywhere. Colds and flu, hayfever (acupuncture is very effective for this). Back and joint pain, sciatica, headaches and migraines. Tendonitis, IBS and stomach problems. General wellbeing, boosting the immune system and increasing energy.
Fertility acupuncture is a very successful treatment for men and women with a very high success rate. It is recommended by doctors and midwives. I have a lot of experience in this field and regard it as one of my specialities.

A different way of thinking
Traditional chinese medicine (TCM) comprises acupuncture, Tui Na and herbal medicine. All three are based on classical Chinese medical theory. This views the human organism as an integrated whole, in which disease arises out of underlying imbalances within the body. Therefore, Chinese medicine treats the cause of the problem by addressing the overall physical and mental health of the patient. This holistic approach strengthens the body’s defences, enabling it to fight disease naturally.

According to the Chinese, the body contains a system of energy channels, commonly known as meridians, which contain and control the movement of the vital life energy known as Qi (pronounced chee). Qi is the life promoting force that permeates the universe, the energy in our bodies that gives us life and vitality. It is the acupuncturists job to determine which ‘acupuncture points’ along these meridians in the body will best restore health and well-being, i.e. treat pain and disease.

Acupuncture is essentially the insertion of fine needles into the body to move blockages and stimulate flow of Qi. During a session, the needles can remain inserted for up to 40 minutes. For those who have never tried acupuncture, there is often a sense of apprehension about the use of needles. A good acupuncturist will help you relax. Unlike needles for injections, acupuncture needles are solid and very fine. Sensations felt are usually described as a tingling or a dull ache.

Initiall consultation & Treatment is generally 70 to 90 minutes, depending on the condition being treated.

Initial Consultation and Treatment £55.00
Follow up treatments 50mins approx £45.00
discounts for multi purchase bookings. please ask at the clinic for details

Couples treatment
Enjoy a relaxing Treatment with your partner or friend with our exclusive paired treatment option. Choose one of our four packages. Please call the clinic on 01242221456 for more details.

Sports Teams / Groups. Clubs can book by the hour for up to 4 people

Tui na and Cupping 30 mins £30.00

Cosmetic Acupuncture 1 session 55 mins £50.00
8 sessions £45.00 per session
12 sessions £40.00 per session

includes a facial massage with aromatherapy oil, jade facial roller and acupuncture.

Please arrive ten minutes early to fill out forms to ensure the maximum time with the therapist.