What can general acupuncture help
The range of conditions treated by acupuncture is vast. Whether it be a physical musculoskeletal problem such as back pain, neck and shoulder tension, or an emotional state such as anxiety or a broken-heart. Acupuncture treatment helps people with hayfever, menstrual problems, headaches, sciatica, sleeplessness, depression – the list goes on. It can also be used as a general tonic to keep the body and mind well-tuned for optimal use. Some respond miraculously to acupuncture, for others changes are gradual. What is certain is that it is safe treatment for all. If you’re unsure whether you’re symptoms can be helped with acupuncture, you just have to ask.

Initiall consultation & Treatment is generally 70 to 90 minutes, depending on the condition being treated.

Initial Consultation and Treatment £70.00
Follow up treatments 50mins approx £60.00
discounts for multi purchase bookings.Please call the clinic on 01242221456 for more details.

Please arrive ten minutes early to fill out forms to ensure the maximum time with the therapist.